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Financial Planning

We serve as your financial advocate; your success is our success. We invest the time to understand your goals – for yourself and, for your family. We employ comprehensive planning and sophisticated technology in order to enhance results and help you attain your financial goals. We believe your financial information should be organized, easily understood and accessible to you whenever you want. We understand that unexpected events and life changes can impact your goals. We monitor your investments, track your progress and adjust your financial plans along the way.

Portfolio Management and Analysis

We develop client investment portfolios that are tailored to your goals and risk tolerance. We employ investment management plans that are built on the foundation of properly allocated and diversified quality investments to potentially preserve and grow your wealth.
Where appropriate, we can create portfolios which build upon investments you may already own and provide oversight to ensure appropriate risk management and diversification.*

* Asset allocation, risk management and diversification cannot assure a profit or protect
against loss. Diversification does not protect against market risk.  All Investing includes risk including loss of principal.

Retirement Planning

When do you want to retire? What does your retirement lifestyle look like? How much will it cost to maintain your standard of living? How much do you need to accumulate to be able to retire the way you want? We can help you answer these important questions, both by helping you develop your ideal retirement and determining how to get there.

Retirement Income and Income Management

You've spent your entire working life accumulating wealth; retirement brings a whole new challenge. How should you convert your assets into streams of income? How can you be confident you won't outlive the money you worked hard to accumulate? As your trusted advisor we can assist you through this transition and position your investments to generate income to assist you to live the retirement you desire.

Risk Management Solutions

Life Insurance

Assessing risk is a key component of any financial plan. We can help you determine and quantify the financial risks to your family so that you can implement a cost-effective strategy to protect your family. Additionally, life insurance is an asset which can complement retirement plans. Life insurance can also play a role in estate plans and tax minimization strategies.

Long Term Care Insurance

One of the biggest risks to the wealth you have created is the possibility of a health care event that will require significant capital and/or income. The impact of such an event is only compounded without a financial plan to pay for such care. We can assess these risks and share strategies for providing and paying for long-term care.

Tax Planning Strategies

No one likes to pay taxes, but as the saying goes, it is one of the certainties of life. In consultation with tax and legal professionals, we can help you minimize your tax burden and avoid tax mistakes. We can assist you in evaluating a wide variety of tax planning strategies.

LPL Financial , Bell & Associates Wealth Management and Cornerstone Wealth Management do not provide tax or legal advice. 

Education Planning

Accumulating the assets to provide an opportunity for your children to achieve a college education is a daunting financial task. We can help you assess these costs, define realistic objectives and implement college savings plans.

Estate & Legacy Planning

Preserving and efficiently passing wealth from one generation to the next can be a complicated task. We can assist you define your wishes and inform you about mechanisms for passing on your wealth. Failing to plan for this event can be a costly burden in time and money for your loved ones. We will coordinate with tax and legal advisors to help you develop appropriate wealth transfer plans to pursue your goals.

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